Approach - Sustainable Solutions

Sustainable Solutions.

Your Benefits:

  • Reuse and multiple use of construction-relevant materials through a selfdeveloped, modular construction method as well as appropriate storage lead to long-term price advantages and protect the environment.
  • Preference for construction-related materials with lower emission levels.
  • Use of digital communication tools for business meetings as well as for presentations and visualizations lead to time and cost savings.
  • Our location in Dortmund is in the middle of one of the strongest trade fair regions in Germany and Europe, allowing us to act quickly and flexibly. You will also benefit from these logistical advantages!
  • Even though we think and act internationally, we attach great importance to working with local suppliers and networks.
Approach - Integrated Services

Integrated Services.

Your Benefits:

  • Simplified communication and time savings on the clients side thanks to a central contact person.
  • Individual consulting, development of joint solutions and working in partnership are a matter of course for us.
  • One-stop-solution creates structure, clarity, transparency and leads to the debureaucratization of the project and creates trust!
  • No emergence of surprising, subsequent costs on the customer side due to 100% transparency in the cost plan and schedule.
  • Precise project planning creates smooth production and construction processes, leading to on-time completion and thus to cost savings for the client.
  • Project-related 24/7 contact persons at no extra charge.
Approach - Inspiring Design

Inspiring Design.

Your Benefits:

  • Creative design and project expertise lead to high reliability and a high quality result.
  • Despite our self-developed, modular construction, we rely on 100% individuality in our design. Your corporate identity gives us the framework for our ideas and creativity!
  • No use of classic system construction methods!
  • Our design is based on 100% individuality, 100% feasibility and 100% sustainability – combining our practical experience with creative excellence to create for your company unique and unforgettable brand experiences.
  • With our innovative VR-based presentation methodology, you can virtually experience the new trade fair stand or the new event concept live in advance!